LiteraSee Concepts Illustrated

an Orton-Gillingham based reading intervention PROGRAM

Orton Gillingham based LITERASEE LESSON PLANS

Teaching an Orton-Gillingham program is enjoyable when you have the tools necessary for success.

Affordable and Visual  Orton-Gillingham Reading Literacy Intervention Program for Dyslexia



LiteraSee uses a science-based methodology and multisensory techniques to teach a structured yet fun curriculum.


LiteraSee teaches phonics, spelling rules, vowel teams, r-controlled vowels, syllable types and division, basic grammar, prefixes, suffixes, roots, and Anglo-Saxon, French, Latin, and Greek word origins.


Lesson plans are sequential and cumulative; the words are carefully chosen to contain only the concepts previously taught. The levels begin with simple, common words and progress towards more complex and rare spellings of words in level five. 


Simplified teaching instruction and one-page lesson plans make teaching straightforward and enjoyable! No handbooks or scripted charts are required.


 The lesson plans are only available as a download to make them more affordable and efficient. Make the lesson plans reusable by placing them in page protectors and store them in leveled binders. The student can then read and divide syllables with a fine point dry erase marker without wasting paper or your time at the copier. You'll have documentation of that day's work with the dictation part of the lesson. The files will be emailed automatically once your order is processed. A lifetime of free new editions is available upon request. 

LiteraSee Orton-Gillingham lesson plans included many teaching  resources and visual aids.


PRACTICE WORKSHEETS: For concepts that need more effort to master, worksheets give the student an opportunity to apply their new knowledge.

TUTORING TOOLS: Check-off lists keep the teacher organized with sounds learned or lessons completed. A dictation template helps students organize their writing. Many other visual aids are also included.

FLUENCY AND PHONEMIC AWARENESS: All lesson plans come with a separate download of fluency drills and phonemic awareness activities.

LiteraSee Orton-Gillingham lesson plans included many teaching  resources and visual aids.


HOW TO TEACH: Step by step instructions of LiteraSee’s Orton-Gillingham based lessons take the guesswork out of teaching. In addition, the concept explanation is stated at the top of each lesson, so a teaching manual is unnecessary.

NOTES ON THE CONCEPTS explain the big picture of what is important to teach and why. Examples include syllable division and syllable types, English language origins, and the importance of a daily review. 

LITERACY CONNECTIONS: To help students link their existing knowledge with a new concept, special notes and informational pages are added after the appropriate lesson.

MULTISENSORY TEACHING TOOLS: LiteraSee provides some new ideas for quick and fun error correction. Try a seed bead tray rather than using messy sand.



LETTER SOUNDS, BLENDS, DIGRAPHS, and SYLLABLE TYPES: Level one focuses on blending sounds and teaches students when the vowel will be long or short.

PREFIXES, SUFFIXES, & ROOTS: At the end of each lesson, affix lists, definitions, and flashcard cut-outs help you teach morphology and the interesting relationships that exist between words in our language.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ORIGINS: To help students spell correctly and increase their vocabulary and comprehension, we introduce the origins of our language starting at level one with the Anglo-Saxons and sight words . We teach the Latin and French influences in levels three and four, and complete our studies with Greek origins in level five. This critical knowledge also makes learning about language more fun and interesting.