LiteraSee Concepts Illustrated

literacy concepts illustrated 
LiteraSee Concepts Illustrated

We know that learning is easier when one has a visual and auditory explanation. Seeing concepts, grouped together gives students a greater understanding of the big picture and provides an easily accessible review.

LiteraSee cards

Orton-Gillingham Based Curriculum


Teachers are busy, so we've simplified our explicit, leveled, and systematic lessons. Literacy connections are made whenever possible because knowledge is meaningless without understanding.

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Teaching Tools and Games

Vowel team storyboard and spelling strategies

Our mission is to make teaching literacy effective and enjoyable while emphasizing the learning process as opposed to rote memorization. Our unique teaching tools help children gain the strategies necessary to read and spell with confidence.

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As an experienced IMSLEC and IDA certified tutor, with a family history of dyslexia, it is my mission to offer a more accessible and sensible research-based intervention program. While working at a dyslexia center, I created visuals that would help my students gain a greater understanding and memory of the literacy concepts taught. Other tutors wanted the same visual aids for their students, and that is how LiteraSee Concepts Illustrated was born.

Like other reading programs, LiteraSee’s lesson plans are Orton-Gillingham based, structured, sequential, explicit, and use a multisensory approach to teaching. 

So, what makes LiteraSee different?


  • The LiteraSee cards vividly illustrate the lessons and offer a readily available opportunity for review.
  • LiteraSee lessons start with phonemic awareness and phonics, but later teach affixes and word origins because many complex words are not spelled as they sound.
  • We offer strategies to children so they can spell words that have multiple choices for the same sound. There are eight ways to spell the vowel sound in the word moon! 
  • Our lessons, teaching instructions, and concept explanations are simplified and streamlined, so buying and following scripts or teaching manuals is unnecessary.  
  • The lessons are reusable, user-friendly, and time-saving to avoid spending hours at the copy machine every day.  
  • Lastly, it is extremely important that teachers, tutors, and parents have affordable access to a quality Orton-Gillingham based curriculum to ensure that all children have the opportunity to succeed.

Happy Teaching! - Mica Drummond, IMSLEC Certified Reading Specialist

All materials are proudly printed and designed in the U.S.A..


A portion of all website sales is donated to the Children's Dyslexia Centers to help them continue to give free services to any child with dyslexia.


We use minimal and recyclable packaging because we care about our children's future!


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